Excerpts from a story on SESTA-FOSTA legislation for The Nib, 2018.

Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Mary Schoenfelt, a leading expert on school violence/disaster prevention. Story commissioned by BRIGHT Magazine, 2017. 

Excerpt from an interview with Emtisal and Ahmed Bazara, refugees from Syria that were impacted by the U.S. Muslim ban. Story commissioned by BRIGHT Magazine, 2017.

An interview with Michael Moynihan and Palca Shibale of the Seattle Black Book Club on their anti-gentrification activism. Story commissioned by The Seattle Weekly, 2016. (no longer available to read online)

A cover story for The Seattle Weekly on the status of charter schools and public school funding legislation in Washington State. The story included a short interview with Estela Ortega, Executive Director of El Centro De La Raza. 

An interview with band Crater for The Seattle Weekly, 2016. Interview by Janice Headley, illustrated by Robyn Jordan.

An interview with band Childbirth for The Seattle Weekly, 2016. Interview by Janice Headley, illustrated by Robyn Jordan.

Excerpts from “End of Summer”, The Seattle Weekly, 2017.

Excerpts from “How Do You Adopt an Embryo?”, The Nib, 2017.

Untitled story published in RESIST Volume 1, edited by Françoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman, 2017. 

Excerpts from “Flames”, MUTHA Magazine, 2017.

Excerpts from “How Seattle Got Its (Arts) Groove Back”, BRIGHT Magazine, 2016.

Excerpts from “Ten Lives”, Narrative.ly, 2014.

Excerpts from “Just the Two of Us”, MUTHA Magazine, 2014.

Sample illustrations commissioned by SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership for use in their training curriculum, 2018.

Sample illustrations for The Center For Strengthening the Teaching Profession, 2017-18.

Promotional comic/illustration for the Capitol Hill In Motion campaign, King County Metro, 2016. 

Cover and spot illustrations for The Seattle Weekly article “The New Left,” 2016.

Hand-drawn typographic signage for The Seattle Art Museum’s Graphic Masters exhibition, 2016. (Pictured: 1 of 20)

Commissioned wedding invitation illustration/design, 2016.

“Dog Park” (personal project), screenprint, edition of 50, 2016.
Written by Sarah Galvin, illustrated by Robyn Jordan for The Stranger’s quarterly A&P Magazine, 2013.